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Which InterBase Product Edition is Right for Me?

There are several options to consider when selecting the best InterBase product edition for your needs:

Desktop To Go Server
Build amazing single-user applications. Embed amazing power directly inside processes. Light-weight yet scales to handle hundreds of users.

InterBase Desktop Edition provides a powerful RDBMS for stand-alone, single-user applications. Desktop edition is for use with, or embedding in, applications that will deploy on desktop, laptop, or mobile computers for use by a single end user.

Typical applications are stand-alone applications, such as product catalog applications used by a field sales organization or a dedicated system for signal data collection and analysis, etc.

To-Go Edition also runs in a stand-alone environment, but allows deployment of applications which directly utilize the InterBase engine DLLs. With no separate database server process running, the database engine is executing in the application process space. InterBase To-Go provides the robust RDBMS functionality of InterBase in an extremely small footprint.

Target applications for the To-Go Edition include embedded devices, public kiosks, as well as ISV, OEM, and VAR applications that are built using InterBase. Used in the To-Go Edition form, InterBase does not have to be separately installed on any server or end-user workstation.

Server Edition allows hundreds of simultaneous users to connect to the database and provides enterprise features such as at-rest and over-the-wire data encryption.

Typical InterBase Server applications are networked, multi-user applications such as a web-based product catalog application, an ERP system with centrally located database, online CRM application, etc.

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